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Auditcon 2 Series - Model 52/T52

The only true stand-alone electronic safe lock designed to retrofit mechanical locks for residential and commercial applications, featuring PowerStar or PowerSaver technology. This single user design with dual user access capability features a 6-digit user combination and wrong try lockout (5 attempts) for three minutes.

Features and Benefits at a glance

Wrong Try Lockout

The lock will not allow access to any user for a period of 3 minutes after 5 incorrect combinations are entered. Any additional consecutive failed entry attempts result in another 3 minute lockout.

Easy Retrofit

The lock case has the same footprint as most mechanical locks making it easy to install.


Two users.

6 Digit Access

Users select their own changeable combination.

Additional Security Features Available on All Models

Dual Custody

Two Person Integrity, which requires two users to open the lock.

Manager/User Operation

Allows manager to add, delete, enable or disable an additional user.

Time Delay Mode (Model T52 only)

Programmable 1-99 minutes before access is allowed.

NOTE: Remote Time Delay Display Unit (p/n 307025) can be purchased separately

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